The International Association of Teachers of Czech (IATC) is a non-profit, scholarly organization. Its objective is to promote the study of the Czech language and culture.  Its main goals are:

  1. to facilitate international contacts among teachers of Czech by organizing meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops;
  2. to encourage research in language pedagogy, as well as the development and updating of Czech teaching materials;
  3. to publish a newsletter to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among teachers and students of Czech and the interested public;
  4. to establish and support contacts between Czech programs at various institutions;
  5. to promote contact and affiliations with Czech academic institutions;
  6. to raise funds for scholarships, teaching programs, and the other activities above.

The IATC’s two most important activities are:

  1. publishing Czech Language News, which contains articles from a broad spectrum of Bohemists in the international community;
  2. convening two scholarly panels (Czech linguistics and Czech literature) and a business meeting at the national convention of the AATSEEL.

IATC Board