Listed here are resources for Czech community schools, which provide pre-college, K through 12 instruction in Czech language and culture to heritage speakers living outside the Czech Republic.

For more information, contact Susan Kresin, UCLA

Heritage language websites for Czech community schools

Česká škola bez hranic  

Czech community schools located in Europe

České školy v Severní Americe [website under development, link forthcoming]

Related sites

National Heritage Language Resource Center at UCLA  

The NHLRC offers a variety of options for professional development, including online heritage teaching workshops, heritage language conferences, heritage language research institutes that take place every summer at UCLA and other colleges. Resources also include a language materials project (see below) and a newsletter.  

UCLA Language Materials Project  

The Language Materials Project offers teacher training modules, tips on using authentic materials in instructionmaterials for teaching specific languages (including Czech), and a gateway of resources for K-12 instruction in less commonly taught languages.

American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages  

ACTFL has an annual convention and provides certification in (and administers) testing in Oral Proficiency (for all levels of languages).

American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages

Slavic and Euroasian Language Resource Center   

SEELRC provides webliographies for Czech and other languages, an online Czech reference grammar, and teaching materials.

American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages

Texas Czech Legacy Project

This project documents the language, culture, and history of ethnic Czech Moravians in Texas.